Bear Mountain Hike

On a Bear Mountain overlookWe meet Dad at Pence Park with his friend Tom for an afternoon hike. The sky is full of clouds, but we start optimistically up Bear Mountain, and reach our favorite overlook there without rain. The rain and lightning are kind enough to wait until we’re a good ways down the mountain, where we soon take shelter in Tom’s house to wait for Sarah to come pick us up.

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5 responses to “Bear Mountain Hike”

  1. heh. when i saw the small version of this picture, i thot ann might be pregnant. so i clicked on it (enlarged it) and noted that it was something wrapped around her mid-section.

    but it got me thinking that ann should get pregnant.

    so how was your weekend? mine went well, despinte only eeking ONE day out of the “one day warrior” crew here. we hit Pine Creek. I kicked ass. redpointed an 11c.

    it’s the most sustained climb i’ve ever lead. it doesn’t have a really definable area that is the crux, tho i have picked 2 places as the likely spot. you can clip the first bolt from a boulder IF YOU ARE TALL ENOUGH. i am not. i have to climb this section (randy just clips it). the move off that clip is probably the hardest move of the climb. it’d be hard to get a consensus on that move since nobody does it (except me).

    there is a sequence of moves further up. i consider that section the crux. randy, not using my sequence / beta fell 9 times there. 2 of the times he broke holds off (THAT is a clear indication you are on new ground). foot holds and hand holds. ha. ha.

    the other was a sick 11c that starts out on slab (prolly 60′) then goes to a wild and wicked roof. nearly horizontal. almost body length. i mean, your legs are splayed out under it and you are doing some powa moves. i hung here to figure out the sequence (and try to the delicious sucker holds). i got it. i will nail it no problem next time.

    there is a ton of air under your ass at that point. some sick moves above the roof. it is a true no shit 90+ foot route (both ends of the rope are off the deck when you lower).

    so ann.. think about it. xoxox

  2. Sounds fun – like I could get the first clip! After that, it sounds kind of like a choss fest. Holds coming off? Was this a trad FA? Surely you’re not talking about something with bolts 😉

    Now as to why you would want to say the worst thing you can say to any woman (who isn’t pregnant at least) to MY wife on MY blog, I’m not sure. Have we hurt your feelings somehow?

  3. No worries… he’s just sayin’ what everybody else is just thinkin’… Sorry, Ted, I’m just fat. I haven’t lost any teeth, nor am I addicted to Meth–yet. Anyway, I HAVE thought about it, and there will be NO BABIES for me! Not now, not ever! (But if I were, you would be Uncle Teddy.)

  4. uhhh… i’ve just been thinking ’bout kids a lot. and my eyes are kinda wonkey on tv / monitors. when i clicked on the pic i could see that it was clothing wrapped around the mid. but i did say that.

    yes.. uncle teddy would be the shiz. in fact, just have the kid and send it to me. done. i doubt yer fat tho.

    as fer the climb, it’s a sport route. they are *new* and randy has to do things his way, not the way everyone else that has done it did it. it was mighty funny. seeing him go waaaaaaaaaay out into no mans land and like dollar bill size flaks bust out from under his feet and he swings back. i tell what to do and he keeps doing the same thing… bam, the handholds break. LOL. he then listens to my beta and just cruises it.

  5. Now that’s a nice image. I’ll always remember him saying, after I did a high step I didn’t really need to do, “What was THAT?”

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