Movie: What the !@#$ Do We Know? (2004)

What the bleep do we know DVDA hodge-podge of vignettes, computer animations, and clips of interviews with scientists and mystics questions the certainty with which we seem to regard everyday consciousness. It’s good that it argues that we know less thank we think (and I agree), because otherwise a coherent argument would probably be required. It’s also good that it has a sense of humor (though not nearly as witty as I ♥ Huckabees), because otherwise it might be entirely laughable. Still, I encourage this kind of questioning and levity in my own life, and appreciate the reminder.

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  1. it’s been so damn long since i have seen a good movie. well, i did wath “The Godfather” this weekend and yeah, that’s good.

    i have this movie called “The River King”. i liked it. nothing was overdone in it. the characters were very believable (but the main girl did not look like college freshmen [older]). i like the main character (both the character and the actor). i like the way the relationship with the father is done. the dialogue and the emotions.

    that actor is also in “Confidence” which is a ~cool~ movie. has plenty of twists. Dustin Hoffman’s character is whacky and he [of course] does a great job.

    bought a 1970’s contemporary crime drama called “The Squeeze”. Lee Van Cleef, Karen Black and some other familiar faces. a “B” movie that doesn’t disappoint. it’s set in NYC in the winter and the dirty snow and generally cramped shitty city life thing really comes out in a natural way. dig it. there is a GREAT twist in there. you just don’t see it coming… UNLESS YOU READ THE BACK OF THE DVD BOX!! WTF!! why put that on there? luckily i didn’t read it until after i saw it. i blacked it out for anyone else that might see it.

    so yeah, i got $33 dvd player and i’ve kinda been going nuts. watching other people’s movies like crazy. shit that i would never watch. like “Hostel”.. i didn’t really watch this, but i got the gyst and it is disgusting. repugnant.

    i’ve been buying used movies as well and coming up with some real shit. “In the Cut” with Meg Ryan is complete shit from head to toe… what else. i dunno. can’t think. but i’ve been watching this shit and tossing at friend or in the trash. *puke*

    so yeah, i am gonna go roll the dice again and see if i can ferret out a good flick.

    OH.. you said you were skateboarder. well, i really liked .. err.. what the f! is it called. i think it’s called “Dogtwon and the Z-Boys”. anyway, it’s the movie about how modern skateboarding got kicked off. really dug it. the making of it just really .. good stuff. check it out dude.

  2. I’ve seen Dogtown & Z-Boys, and definitely enjoyed it. I throw a couple of those others on the queue, thanks. Keep mining for us!

  3. was @ grocery store last night. movies are $5.99 there (and wine is $7.99, but you get 10% if you buy 4 bottles…).

    couldn’t resist buying 2 movies (and 4 bottles of wine). i got “Jane Eyre”. the only reason i did this is ‘cuz George C. Scott is in it. great actor. i have no idea what the movie is about, but it is old school, like victorian era.

    however, i DID strike out with “Nitti”, which VERY POORLY tells the story of one of Al Capone enforcer (Frank Nitto). there is ZERO drama in this. sux. like a B movie with good production. F!

    yeah, “Confidence” is fun to watch. “The River King” has its moments for sure. but “The Squeeze” is the kind of ‘cheesey’ movies Terrentino watches to get inspiration for his ‘real’ movies. lol. i liked it.

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