Movie: A History of Violence (2005)

A History of Violence DVDDavid Cronenberg has interesting ideas, so I was willing to give this film some leeway, but after half an hour of swallowing one cliché after another, I gave up. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I’d rather listen to Cronenberg talk about his message than sit through such a bland set-up.

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  1. i lasted until we found out for sure that he was in the mob. then i rolled my eyes in disgust and walked away shaking my head.

    it would’ve been so much more interesting had he not.

  2. This looked dumb to me as well, but, for some reason had a fair amount of critical acclaim which made me want to see it.

    Buuuut, now i’m glad i haven’t bothered.

  3. I got in a discussion with some folks at work over one of the scenes in this movie. In the movie the main characters son fires a shotgun at like 2 meters distance from the bad guy’s back. His Dad is laying on the ground just in front of the bad guy.

    My question was, is it possible that some of the shot from the shotgun could have injured his already injured dad? (Because at that distance, I thought some of the shot could go through the badguy and hit his dad). We decided it would probably not happen…interesting discussion for me since I know so little about guns.

    I agree with the general commentary, though. Not a very good movie.

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