Take me to the river

The idea is simple: we stay cool on a hot evening by bobbing around in the Poudre River for a while. The plan is complicated: Ann drives with our newly acquired tubes to the free solar-powered air pump on the bike trail, while I ride my bike to the take out at the Shields St bridge where I lock it. Ann puts the filled tubes in the car and picks me up at Shields. We drive to our chosen put in on Overland Trail. With really no idea what it will be like, we jump in the tubes and go.

It’s COLD!! Ann screams and retreats, while I disappear down the river, hyperventilating. I manage to pull over and wait, and soon Ann appears. We’re off, quikcly getting accustomed to the cold water.

We learn to paddle around backwards with our arms. There are more rocks and low tree branches to avoid than I thought, but we get the hang of it. The view from the river is entirely new to me, and I have no idea where we are. There are lots of birds to watch, and a pair of deer even watch me float by.

It’s all quite pleasant until we reach the Taft Hill bridge. After this we have to portage around a dam. Getting back into the water is cold again, and I start to shiver. Then we repeat this for another dam. Slow, cold water follows, then shallow, rocky water. We start getting eaten by mosquitos. As soon as we’re in range of the bike trail, we get out. The hot air feels great now. Ann carries the tubes home, while I get the bike and ride it back to the car. Throwing the bike in the back I drive home, picking up the tubes from Ann on the way.

Next time: for an evening, the float from Overland to Taft is plenty. We could go straight from home to the put in, or stash the bike near the bridge first. Still, this is a good end to a hot day!

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  1. Brrrrr, sounds cold! I went tubing once in Chico-that is the ultimate place to tube. I got sunburned (but not drunk). I’ve heard it’s best while intoxicated…but that sounds dangerous to me!

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