Snowy Range – Brooklyn Lake

Above East Glacier LakeIt’s looking like a hot day, so we’re happy to head up to the Snowy Range for hike in the cooler altitudes. Indeed we find a nice cool breeze at Brooklyn Lake – so nice that I make a rare blunder and forget to wear a hat. We soon find out that the price for the cool temperatures is voracious mosquitos that descend upon us if we linger anywhere too long. We have a nice walk despite them, up Brown’s ridge and down to Lost Lake. An array of alpine flowers greet us on the ridge: Old Man of the Mountain, buttercups, Fleabane Daisy, Colorado Columbine, and phlox. Below by the lakes we see Indian Paintbrush, Marsh Marigold, and Glacier Lily. Ann wades through some of the lakes – we’re tempted to swim but dissuaded by the mosquitos. The mosquitos are just part of the glory of the Snowies in the summertime though, and we’re glad to have partaken of it. I have a nice line sunburned onto my forehead from my bandana, a keepsake for the day.
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