Wet at Vedauwoo

ShelterIt seems like months since we’ve done any climbing and we’re itching to get on some rock at Vedauwoo, but alas, the weather does not comply. Instead we explore some of the territory east of the main area on foot, and despite the drizzle Vedauwoo supplies us with soul-nourishing experiences, as it always seems to. We make our way northeast from one rock pile to the next, negotiating thick aspen stands and marshes in between. There are many deer bounding about, a pair of marmot-like creatures scampering up the rocks, and a marsh bird I haven’t seen before that might be a short-billed dowitcher. We make it to the Citadel formation, where some climbers are hiding from the rain, and one hardy soul is working his way up a gnarly-looking but sheltered fist crack with a big roof.

We camp and the rain continues through the night, mixing with the sound of the freeway. It may not be a remote wilderness, but Vedauwoo has won our hearts regardless, and we leave in the morning feeling rested and peaceful.

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