Movie: They Live (1988)

More info at AmazonThe saving grace of this film is its portrayal of the media. When “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s character puts on the sunglasses of truth, billboards, TV, magazines, signs, and papers show their true messages in black and white: “OBEY”, “BUY”, “CONSUME”, “WATCH TV”, “MARRY AND REPRODUCE”, etc. And the movers and shakers of society are revealed as aliens bent on subduing the human race and turning the planet into their ideal desert slave world. Almost no amount of cheesyness could ruin such a premise.

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  1. what about when that big titted chic was balling that alien dude and Piper fragged the signal that was keeping the aliens appearence hidden and she looks up and sees that ugly alien phukker!

    i liked that part too.

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