El Slabbo and Chair Rocks Hike

Ann on El Slabbo

We set out with my dad to scout the climbing in the Cathedral Spires area. To our dismay, a Jefferson County Open Space sign at the trailhead declared the entire area closed from March 1 to July 31 (for Peregrine Falcon nesting, I later found out). We went looking for the Top of the World campground on forest road 538 instead, but eventually figured out that this road had been closed, probably for the recovery of a large burn area. We decided to hike in instead, and I soon recognized the area as a scenic part of the Colorado Trail that I mountain biked in 2001. On foot now, we’re able to scramble up the El Slabbo formation. Making our way to the striking Chair Rocks formations, we scramble some more. There are fabulous views of the Cathedral Spires across the valley. It wasn’t the day we expected, but turned out to be very fun anyway.

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