Movie: In America (2002)

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A modern story of Irish immigrants in New York, this movie is really about coping with the loss of a child in a family. It’s clearly a deeply personal, autobiographical film, that presents its insights slowly, intimately, and honestly. For someone without children it serves to illustrate some of the forces that create families and threaten them. If you have kids it would probably hit closer to home.

2 responses to “Movie: In America (2002)”

  1. liz put this movie on one night after we had come back from a jovial dinner with friends and a few drinks. I let her run it about twenty minutes before i turned it off – i could tell that it was going to be quite painful to watch, and i didn’t want to sully my mood of the evenin. 🙂

    But, i do need to try it again.

    Gym Tonight?

  2. i’m so glad you liked this movie. it is one of my favorites of all times. i thought that it was interesting that the life of irish immigrants in the 1970’s wasn’t all that different from the life of irish immigrants in the 1870’s.

    you’ve redeemed yourself for not liking ‘firefly.’

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