Mount McConnel Hike

Mount McConnell Summit

I was looking for a trail to hike that wouldn’t be too hot or too snowy, and came up with 8,010-ft Mount McConnel, about 26 miles up the Poudre Canyon. It was a good choice. We started with some high cloud cover, but it soon lifted and provided us with a lovely summer day. There are two loops one can hike from the Mountain Park trailhead: the 2.2-mile William F. Kreutzer nature trail, or the 4-mile Mount McConnel trail. We decided to do both in a figure 8, which provided us with an excellent 5.5 mile, 2,000-ft day hike.

On the way back we passed an absolutely mobbed Greyrock trailhead. The summertime crowds are definitely beginning to venture out.

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