Movie: In The Cut (2003)

Is it a horror movie, soft porn, or a film noir? It seems to go for all three, and it really succeeds artfully in each genre. I’m not sure how good a combination it is, but the film is certainly intense and packed with symbols, beautiful cinematography, and even poetry. It’s also so thoroughly bloodsoaked and bleak that I’m left wobbling between admiration and disgust. Perhaps that’s the intended effect.

3 responses to “Movie: In The Cut (2003)”

  1. I’m less wobbly about this movie. I thought it was well done: Sexy, perverse, uncomfortable, scarey with fabulous acting on all sides. Meg Ryan especially impressed me… she doesn’t look like Meg Ryan, she looks like Fanny for sure. Very good entertainment. Reminds me a bit of looking for Mr. Goodbar, only maybe less “deep”.

  2. when i hear “horror movie” i think ‘supernatural’ or ‘occult’. is this in the movie??

    if i get to see meg ryan full frontal naked, then i will rent this

  3. No, maybe I should have said “serial killer movie”. I don’t think you’d be too disappointed with Meg’s performance.

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