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Ann wants to hike in Vedauwoo today – she says it’s been calling her. I can’t help suggesting other activities in the area – skiing, showshoeing, etc, and Ann can’t settle on a plan. Our poor friend Sean gets caught in the middle, literally, as we eat breakfast at the window bar at La Luz. Eventually we realize that I’ve usually been the one to make our outdoor plans, and we both need to learn how to reverse our habitual roles.

It’s a great idea, and we have a beautiful early-season Vedauwoo hike. We start at the Nautilus, catch the Turtle Rock Trail at the west trailhead, and make our way around to Valley Massif. The day is bright, the temperature perfect, and most of the trail sheltered from the wind. Signs of spring are just beginning with tiny buds on bright orange branches, and evidence that the local beavers have been hard at work. We pass Reynold’s Hill and take a trail we discovered last summer back to Vedauwoo Glen. Ann’s plan was perfect.

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6 responses to “Vedauwoo Hike”

  1. I don’t know how you *ever* decide on what to do up there. It just seems no matter what you pick, you can’t go wrong! Maybe you guys should make a very large 12 sided die and write the different options on the sides…or maybe a 20 sided one!

    On another topic: I really like the horse vs. camero picture, and comment made me laugh.

  2. Just because it’s hard to make a mistake doesn’t mean we don’t deserve credit for tough decisions!

    Actually, we’ve been a little bummed to miss out for the most part on a banner snow year.

  3. I wish I knew how to find Vedauwoo on the Mashup. In the past didn’t you have a link from the hobolog posting to the Googlemap pin?
    I’m going to do a painting tomorrow of the Reynolds Hill photo (abstracted) with the golden wheatfield in the foreground!

  4. ha… that kinda reminds me of Smith Rocks in Oregon. i kept going there and climbing. but i always felt like i was missing someting.

    finally i went trail running there. after that, i ran there more than i ever climbed / bouldered there.

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