Peak 11408 near Montgomery Pass

Alan & Sarada above Montgomery Pass

Despite reports of cold and wind in the high country, Alan, Sarada, Jezze, and I head up toward Cameron Pass for some snowshoeing. Conditions look nice when we get there – greybird, warm, and calm. The avalanche danger is low all around today, so we try the trail up to Montgomery Pass. It’s a nice 2 mile, 1000-ft jaunt up to some well-tracked alpine slopes above treeline. We’re inspired to continue up to the windy ridge, and I briefly summit unnamed Peak 11408. On the way down I demonstrate the downhill snowshoe run, lose a shoe, and nearly faceplant for Alan’s waiting camera. Good times.

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  1. What a wonderful abstact-like painting the white fir bark photo makes, with all that history and development inherent in it. Thanks for recognizing its beauty, and including it in this report!

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