Dark Star (1974)

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A satire that is still great 30 years after it’s made is rare enough, but a low budget sci-fi satire that survives that long is truly remarkable. John Carpenter hit one of his few home runs with this hilarious parody of Star Trek and 2001. What happened to him after that? I never heard about this film, probably because of the low budget, the dry humor, and slow pace, but I love it! Don’t worry about a bombastic captain – he’s dead from the very beginning, and it just gets better from there. My favorite line is from Pinback’s video diary: “I do not like the men on this spaceship. They are uncouth and fail to appreciate my better qualities.” Ha!

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2 responses to “Dark Star (1974)”

  1. What happened to John Carpenter?

    Big Trouble in Little China, baby!

    …. not to mention They Live, featuring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

  2. Word! He had some stinkers, but Big Trouble was grand. In fact, it may be time to watch it again. And I will pop They Live on the queue for good measure.

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