Movie: Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

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We endure about fifteen minutes before turning it off. The good spirit behind the lowbrow humor in Shaolin Soccer was totally absent, leaving behind a flashy but ultimately ugly and degrading spectacle.

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  1. I remember thinking it was quite dumb in the begining, but for some reason or another you really warmed up to it as it went along… or gave into the sense of humor. I think i remember it taking itself too seriously for being so cliche in the begining.. just trying to trick you.

    see you climbing tonight?

  2. Interesting, lots of my American friends prefer Shaolin Soccer than Kung-fu. I like them both. I’ve watched a lot of Stephen Chow’s movies since elementary school, my favorite one is Justice, My Foot!

  3. I wonder if it’s because Shaolin Soccer parodied so many American movies in addition to Kung Fu movies? Anyway, welcome to the hobolog, Little Po!

  4. i’m really sad you didn’t like it either. and, like doug said, it definitely got better as it went along and the ending was fantastic. there were some great fight scenes and i really enjoyed the parodiness of it all.

    oh well. different people have different tastes and all that.

  5. Saw this last night! Agree that the first part was dumb but rest of movie was hilarious. Dancing gangsters was, uhm, unusual, but, given my peculiar history of watching Michael Jackson videos I guess I was unwittingly prepared for it. Anyway, you guys keep reviewing videos and we’ll make our selections off of them (although we watched this one in spite of your review… or perhaps because of it). Ha. Okay, talk to you guys soon!

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