Michigan Ditch Snowshoe


I woke up Saturday with the worst stiff neck I’ve ever had, and have been down all weekend with it. Luckily that didn’t stop Ann from heading up to Cameron Pass with Sean, Jason, and Sarada for some snowshoeing. And she took pictures for us! They hiked along the Michigan Ditch trail, and got pelted with some fresh snow on the way back.

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4 thoughts on “Michigan Ditch Snowshoe

  1. Sorry about the stiff neck…not fun. But who took the pictures? They are gorgeous, these high contrast, almost blackandwhite pics.

  2. Those look really great! I need to get me some snowshoes… and i don’t mean to sound surprised that they turned out nice, i mean, you were on a trail named after the greatest state in the nation.

    see you at the gym tonight!

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