Unsanctioned West Ridge Mountain Bike Loop

Map of Ride

I take off on a beautiful afternoon to do a little exploring on the mountain bike, leaving from home and taking the Poudre River bike trail and back roads to Lory State Park. There I spot another mountain biker, and take the trail he disappears on. When it forks, of course I take the uphill fork, the Timber Ridge Trail. There is no sign forbidding bikes here as there are on other trails in the park, so I follow the gentle switchbacks to gradually more technical climbing until I reach the West Ridge trail. There I see a map that clearly designates Timber Ridge Trail as foot-only. Too bad, it’s a good ride. There are no bike trails down, so I take the Arthur’s Rock trail to complete a loop, walking much of it. This trail is a little more popular, I pass a dozen people compared to two on Timber Ridge. At the trailhead I’m able to complete the trail loop on bike-sanctioned West Valley Trail, then I ride back home the way I came.

The West Ridge Trail is an old jeep trail ideal for mountain biking, and I suspect there are more of these west of the park. Maybe I’ll be able to find my way there on a future mission.

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2 thoughts on “Unsanctioned West Ridge Mountain Bike Loop

  1. Nice to know you had so much fun after all that traffic letting me off at the airport! But the dawn was dramatic over Denver that morning.

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