Movie: When a Man Loves A Woman (1994)

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I was surprised by this movie about a couple dealing with alcoholism. It’s written well enough to really draw you in to some of the difficulties of dealing with serious problems as a couple and a family. It’s one of the few films I’ve seen like this where I didn’t just watch the problems the characters experienced and feel sorry for them, but I watched and thought, “Yeah, I probably would have made the same mistake.” All the acting is good too, which enhances the effect.

3 responses to “Movie: When a Man Loves A Woman (1994)”

  1. 1st,
    i love booze.

    rent “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

    1 – has some VERY good acting in it.
    2 – has some VERY good humor in it… it’s always in the facial expressions (which is why i like achewood comics so much.. it’s always in the eyes / face)
    3 – some killer gunz.. woot.

    1 – has a 2-3 ridiculous things in it, what i call “Spy Kids special effects” (not that i have seen that, but..)

    frikkin’ funny dude. humor is all timing, bradd pitt is a very good actor and man, his timing is frikkin’ rad. the scenes where they are in the mall are great.

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