Movie: Breaker Morant (1980)

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Is there such a thing as justice in war? This film follows the court marshal of two Australian and one British soldier in the Second Boer War, where they were pitted against Boers in the Bushveldt who were using guerilla tactics. Given vague orders, they execute several Boer prisoners in retaliation for a deceptive attack. Embarrassed by the unseemly fighting, the British command court marshals them. The movie tells the story of this colonial fiasco without making anyone out to be innocent, which gives it power and credibility.

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    but, i am planning on being present for a tuesday night session, if you are still inlined. Cheers!


  2. As this seems to be today’s message board, I wondered if you are still getting Today’s word is DIGERATI, one I didn’t know, but it describes you. How cool.

  3. hey dylan, i got a $150 bonus. i bet i can

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    wanna venture a guess as to where this magical mythiical mystery place is?

  4. Ted’s Magical Christmas Special at the Silver Dollar Saloon! (Don’t worry about the drive to Red Mountain, you know it by heart!)

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