Movie: Schindler’s List (1993)

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I’m not sure that it’s even worth critiquing movies dealing with genocide. No matter how intense, I doubt any movie will make a person living a comfortable life know what it’s like to be corralled and slaughtered. It’s easy to condemn the perpetrators of crimes in a movie, and in history, but none of us are likely to take action against the slaughters happening in our world right now. Likewise, it’s easy to praise those who fought the tide of killings in their day. The more difficult, but still attainable goal might be to understand the motives of the killers, and perhaps oppose the forces that create such motives in our own lives. This film provides some glimpses into the pressures and social forces that brought about the holocaust, but I’m not sure it goes deep enough to provide a real understanding. It’s at least a start, though, and that’s more worthy in itself than most films.

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