Movie: Gone With The Wind (1939)

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Oh my … great balls of fire. We were sort of on a mission to watch this, having probably missed a dozen references to it for every one we were aware of. It definitely exposed me as a damn yankee, totally unable to call up any sentimentality for the grand days of the old south. The movie has its moments, and if you can imagine what a spectacle it must have been in 1939 it helps ease the pangs of melodramatic dispepsia. I certainly recognized many things that have woven their way into our culture from this movie, and now at last I’ve seen it and never have to see it again!

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2 responses to “Movie: Gone With The Wind (1939)”

  1. This movie truly was a case of “melodromatic dispepsia”; nicely said. Will someone please tell me what the real consequences of this movie were? It was physically painful to sit through and I did it because I thought it was my patriotic duty or something. Okay, okay, historical context, time and place are probably everything… but oh my… Fiddle-dee-dee!

  2. Since I wasn’t around in this era, I’m not sure what the fallout was of this epic. Maybe that Hollywood learned a lot about huge productions, coordinating sets, etc. I’m just happy that we women folk don’t have to wear those horrible clothes. Do you know Scarlett’s waist was pulled down to 16 inches…pain just to think of it. And those dresses sometimes weighed 80 pounds. Try to walk up stairs with that thing on-it’s why they had smelling salts! Eeeegads I’m just rambling now.

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