Movie: Kinsey (2004)

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Watching this movie feels a little like being the subject of a scientific sex study. You learn from the experience, perhaps realize that what you have learned is going to change the world, and feel sapped by examining your sexuality through the eyes of a science that has no regard for what it means to you as an individual. I think this is the point the movie tries to make with its portrayal of Kinsey as a relentless pursuer of scientific knowledge, while his subjects are pinned into collection boxes to be examined under a microscope. On the flipside, Lynn Redgrave gives a moving performance illustrating the way this knowledge can be a savior for uncountable others who receive it. This ambiguity makes the film a successful drama in addition to a valuable history lesson.

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  1. This one is cool…I love his objectivity, and his wife’s compassion/understanding. It would take a great deal of courage to be her during those times. Geesh even now!!!

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