Live Music: Zap Mama

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We don’t go for many Monday night shows in Boulder, but we didn’t want to miss this one. Marie Daulne, the founder of Zap Mama, has explored her musical roots in Zaire and taken them in amazing new directions. Ann has always enjoyed Zap Mama’s many reminders of her childhood in Zaire, and I’ve liked her since my mom introduced to her in 2001.

The stage setup was sparse except for a huge drum set on one side and a DJ table on the other. Bass, guitar, and keyboards adorned the edges of the stage, leaving the center for the singers. From the first note the audience was hers, and she kept us enthralled for the next two hours with incredible rythms, impeccable musicianship, and an astounding array of vocal sounds. That would be enough by itself, but for Zap Mama it is only the medium for a message that is unfailingly clear and uplifting without being the slightest bit preachy. I left feeling truly thankful and inspired.

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