Medicine Bow Peak

Dave, Lisa, and Dyson join us for this classic hike from my Laramie days. Despite the familiar territory I miss the turn to the Lake Lewis trailhead. Soon I recall that I always started from the dirt road a little further east to avoid the $5 parking fee at Lake Lewis.

It’s a bit windy, but some wind is required to get a proper impression of the Snowy Range, I think. It doesn’t mar the beauty of the high cliffs and scattered cold lakes below Medicine Bow Peak. Everyone, dogs and baby Dyson included, seem to appreciate the place. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this area, where my mom tells me I wandered even before my birth.

I let my camera battery run dry, so no pictures this time :(.

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  1. You can ask your dad but I think that’s where we went when you were a week old so we could all get some sleep. As I recall, the altitude did what nothing else seemed to…calm us all down and give us a few days rest!

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