Movie: Dirty Pretty Things

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If a movie can have a bad plot and still be good, this is one.

This is a long look into the eyes of poor immigrants in London. The plot is not awful but definitely has some weak points and what felt to me like compromises. Ultimately, though, it’s just a canvas to paint the portraits of the characters on – a gritty, involving portrait that had enough power to take me into a very foreign perspective. That makes it worth watching.

Referred by: A radio review Ann heard when the film was in theaters.

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  1. Hi from Costa Rica! I loved this movie too. I didn’t watch it for a long time, still having a little prude in me and put off by the title, but it turns out to be a really interesting move, and well filmed and acted as well. As you say, the plot is predictable and serves as a sort of hatrack for the rest. Anyway, you could write longer reviews…I’m not seeing movies for a while.

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