Movie: Donnie Darko (The Director’s Cut)

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I saw echoes of Heathers in this dark commentary on high school angst. The characters here have more depth, and they tackle hairier philosophical issues, but ultimately I found the premise of their motivations and behavoir an unbelievable and unsatisfying argument against free will. Still, there are parallel universes, a sexy censored schoolteacher, a hypocritical motivational speaker, and a six-foot-tall demonic bunny rabbit. I enjoyed these elements and the skill with which they’re woven together greatly.

One response to “Movie: Donnie Darko (The Director’s Cut)”

  1. I really liked this movie. But it did make me want to kill myself at the end, so I have to recommend it with reservations. Of course, Dylan saw it as a positive ending. Perceptions perceptions.

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