Wedding Ring Recovery & Hiking Alone


Ann went back to Jackwhacker Gulch today with our friend Alan while I was at work, and, miraculously, recovered her lost engagement ring! The lighter wedding band was nowhere to be found, though.

Unbenknownst to us, both my dad and Alan were concerned about Ann going after her rings alone. I hadn’t even thought about it. I knew exactly where she was headed and when to expect her back, and it seemed much less risky than our daily mode of life on the continental divide last summer. In a sweet gesture, Alan endured hours of driving to accompany Ann on the short hike. I wonder what the risks of women going hiking on their own really are? It doesn’t seem like people would be concerned at all if I did the same thing.

Some Googling turns up many articles about women hiking solo, but no facts, studies, or statistics on the issues (although I did find a pretty interesting study of women on the Appalachian Trail). Of course a couple of horror stories show up, but there are plenty of those for men too.

8 responses to “Wedding Ring Recovery & Hiking Alone”

  1. How happy that Ann recovered at least one of her rings! As for the wedding ring, it doesn’t hurt to say those vows again now and then! love m

  2. I know what you mean. When I was being a solo camper and hiker, my parents made so many comments of concern that it made me begin to feel fearful. I awoke in my solo tent in Sequoia National Forest one night because of a nightmare about bears I couldn’t withstand on my own. My only real encounter with a bear in the wilderness scared it far more than me.

  3. yeah, i don’t like all that hype about poor little annabelle hiking alone. i mean she ain’t in diapers.

    as fer the rings.. good job, tho i don’t like rings.

  4. 1 – they catch on things and rip yer finger off very easily.

    2 – i punched somebody once and it squashed the ring to my finger. VERY BAD.


    i like what it symbolizes though. i mean, i like seeing a wedding ring on a woman who is married so i don’t, you know, try to get in her pants or something.

    ann, i miss you. remember when you went to Partner’s with me? hah. that was fun.

  5. I miss you too Ted! But instead of Partner’s I like to recall my perfect belay to your transcendent climb of Big Mo!

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