FRM-40815: Variable GLOBAL.LOCATION_IND does not exist

This is a typical error from the software I’m working with these days, Sungard SCT’s Banner, a “collegiate administrative solution”. We’ve been living with this particular error, which pops up regularly on one of the most used forms in the system, at Colorado State University for months, with no end in sight.

This error includes a little bit of information – a number and a variable name. Googling the number turned up this:

Cause: Application design error. A trigger references a global variable that does not exist. (from

If you have a client login on SCT’s web site, you can see their answer. They acknowledge the defect and promise a fix in version (we’re on the bleeding-edge 7.0). Of course we just went live with this version and an upgrade would send everyone into upheaval. This an example of how many people grow so tolerant of software misbehavior – so often the malady causes less pain than the cure.

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