Boat Ride & BBQ on Horsetooth Reservoir

fast boat

Our friends Tracy and Kevin take Ann out in their fast boat on Horsetooth Reservoir. I join them after work for one ride. This isn’t our usual form of recreation, but I must admit it is fun to go this fast on the water. I don’t know if I’ve been in a car that accellerates as fast as this boat. It’s good that the seats have backs, otherwise you’d just tumble off the stern. Ann says she’d usually mutter names at people racing around in a boat like this. Now that she’s in it, she holds her arms up roller coaster-style and screams.

Afterward Kevin and Tracy fire up the grill, and we have a fun night with them and their very cool daughters.

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3 responses to “Boat Ride & BBQ on Horsetooth Reservoir”

  1. wow.. the kids are cute.

    and yes, those boats are biggest waiste of money of all time. but i bet it is cool accelerating that fast.

    all that said.. Horsetooth Resevoir is s’posed to have some of the best bouldering ‘around’.. wtf dylan?

  2. To be honest, I think I have not bouldered more here because of the $50 annual or $6 a pop parking fee. It’s a county fee, so if you pay it’s of no use anywhere else. The bouldering I have done is pretty nice, tho.

  3. hooooooooooooooooorse shit!

    that’s sickening. sickening. everywhere you look, some fuckface is nickel and diming you. sick. whatever happened to “the great outdoors”?

    that’s just lame.

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