Movie: Sideways

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One movie was not quite enough for full yard sale recovery, so we set our laptop theatre up on the back porch to watch Sideways. I’d heard that this movie was credited for a big boost in Pinot Noir sales, but I couldn’t imagine how a movie could have that kind of influence. I still don’t know how the effect was achieved, but we both found that the movie made us feel like we’d been drinking right along with the characters (well maybe we’d had a margarita or two, but the movie made it feel like wine), and it made us want more. Soon we were ripping into Ann’s Wine of the Month Club delivery, when we discovered to our horror that this month’s red selection was none other than … A MERLOT! NOOOOOoooooooooo! (I hate to say it, but it went down quite well with the movie).

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