Movie: Rabbit-Proof Fence

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Having done some desert hiking last summer, we really related to the three half-caste aboriginal girls who escape a white reculturation camp to walk home through hundreds of miles of desert while being pursued by trackers and police. Based on a true story, it doesn’t seem to be over-dramatized. It’s definitely critical of the whites in power at that time (1931), but not needlessly heavy-handed.

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  1. This movie rocks. We saw it about a year ago, a referral from a friend! I liked how they showed the real girl’s picture at the end, all grown up.


  2. I love movies like this that I can get totally lost in without even being aware I’m sitting in a movie house in the middle of a huge city on a different continent with all the conveniences I can possibly use or think of at my disposal. Some of the movies coming out of the Mideast and the Balkans lately are of the same tactile, gut-wrenching substance.


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