Movie: The French Connection

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We seem to be catching on to controversial 70’s movies lately. This one would be good just as a drug bust movie, but it’s excellent as a scathing attack on the war on drugs. Like Dog Day Afternoon was revealing of Al Pacino’s early career, here Gene Hackman shines 10 years after his debut. It’s definitely not fair and objective, but it’s a story that’s revealing on many levels. It gives you a feel for how much it might cost to conduct drug busts, how many innocent people might be killed, and in the end how difficult it can be to punish the real perpetrators and have any effect on the illegal drug economy.

2 responses to “Movie: The French Connection”

  1. more with the 70’s.. i think this was the best period for movies .. ever.

    “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”
    “Midnite Cowboy”

    there’s a good 1-2 punch.

  2. I’m going to have to rent Mr. Goodbar somewhere – it doesn’t look like Netflix is on to it. Midnight Cowboy I definitely agree is good stuff.

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