Movie: Dog Day Afternoon

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I had no idea what I was in for with this movie. It starts with a true story that took place in Brooklyn in 1972, and proceeds to hit you from all directions with the oddities of human behavior. Economic hardship, the influence of mass media, gay marriage, mob psychology, hostage psychology, transgender operations, geographic awareness, parenthood – like life, the list goes on. Best of all, the movie doesn’t get preachy about any of these things. Amazing.

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  1. the genre is hard to beat, as well as the period it was made in.
    getting on the pacino bandwagon, you gotta get “Serpico”, also a true story.
    if you are reeeally on his bandwagon, you can rent “Cruisin’” or “Cruising”. it delves wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too deep into the homosexual undergroung.. but again, it’s a 1970’s film and it’s Pacino.. hard combo to pass up.
    some other young / familiar faces.
    i always like that, cuz i kinda wonder when an actor/actress got in the game.

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