Movie: Bottle Rocket

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I thought this was a refreshing, satirical break from the “crime movie” genre. The characters and the setup are ridiculous on one level, and very real on another. It’s light entertainment that, if you think about it, asks difficult questions about the nature of crime, justice, mental illness, love, friendsip, and cultural clashes.

4 responses to “Movie: Bottle Rocket”

  1. I applaud the two theater owners in KY for banning the movie “Monster-in Law” starring Hanoi Jane Fonda…too bad we cant put her in a prison like the Hanoi Hilton…too bad Jane..when you pay!!

    More theater owners should follow suit, so that way, maybe Hollywood will stop making pictures with her in them…good riddance to rubbish!!

  2. You’re right! I wasn’t convinced, until I worked out this little proof that Hanoi Jane references are never a non-sequitur:

    Jane Doe is the universal name for the unknown female.
    Nothing is completely known.
    Therefore the unknown is relevant to everything.
    Everything is a concept of infinity.
    Moves to solve the the Towers of Hanoi approach infinity with the number of rings.
    Therefore Hanoi Jane is relevant to everything.

    Thanks for this deep insight Ron!

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