Movie: Heathers

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This movie has only gotten better, and maybe more disturbing, since it was released in 1989. Since then Columbine and other high school killings have made this kind of satire even more taboo. And it is unnerving to wonder if the perpetrators of those attrocities found inspiration in the trenchcoat-clad Christian Slater character. Still, the movie levels enough serious and valid social criticism, with enough humor, that it deserves the cult status it’s earned for itself.

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  1. Funny, Dennis & I watched this one recently. That patte looks like catfood, I can’t believe somebody would chow on that! Iccckkkkk.

  2. Hey Dylan,

    I think the last time I saw you was when you biked around the country and came to our house in Vermont. Anyway, I just thought I’d say hi, and congratulations (somewhat late) on getting married.


  3. Hey Dewey!

    It’s always hard to remember when someone you know gets married until you meet their spouse. Hopefully you’ll get to meet Ann before too many anniversaries pass…

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