Movie: Chino


For a low budget Western, this film manages to convey something unique. A lot of films have tried to capture the harsh beauty of the desert Southwest, the indominable spirit of wild horses, and unavoidable cruelty of wild west society, but this movie succeeds at these things in a way that manages to be captivating but not romanticized. Thanks to Ted for recommending this one.

2 responses to “Movie: Chino”

  1. could you hear it?
    i’ve heard several people say the audio was BAD.
    i have the vhs, it’s bad too. TV cranked to the max.

    yeah… the film is a “stark beauty” deal for sure. Jil Irelaned, however, is just beauty.

    the horse shit in there is the what i think makes the movie. the entire horse culture was just culture or reality back then. now we got cars and jet skiis. skis. and dirt bikes.

    there’s a couple of, *ahem* , “tender moments” in it as well that are pretty frigging laughable.

  2. Yeah – we had to crank the audio too, but our speakers did the job in the end. We thought that for the period the “tender moments” were pretty daring, even if they seem funny now…

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