Horsetooth Mountain

Horsetooth Mountain

The hike up distinctive Horsetooth Mountain, visible from much of Fort Collins, makes a great afternoon outing. I went up with my friends Jess and Alan in just over an hour, with great views along the way of Long’s Peak to the southwest, the reservoir below, and the plains spilling out to the east. The hills around here have a wavy, dreamy look that appeals to me. The little scramble on enormous-crystalled monzonite makes for a satisfying finish.

2 responses to “Horsetooth Mountain”

  1. i’m glad you made a point to hoof it up the little.. well, i guess its a mountain. but a cool view of the valley behind nonetheless!

    oh, and in order to avoid posting two comments and looking slighty stalker-ish, i really enjoyed the bourne supremacy, mostly because it was simply a revenge film. that, and they killed off the girl in the begining. i love it when films break the rules of their own genres.

  2. I welcome multiple comments, fire away!

    I don’t really how offing the girl in the beginning breaks the genre norm – that is the revenge movie formula.

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