Movie: The Terminal


I can’t recall another movie that goes from being good to bad as quickly as this one does. We begin with the interesting if implausible setup of a traveler trapped in a terminal with no legal citizenship when his home country government falls to a rebellion. The movie milks this situation well for a while, then all of a sudden turns to tripe. It reminded me for some reason of getting on the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disney World and wanting off after about two minutes, but the smiling, saccharine, singing children dolls just went on and on…

3 responses to “Movie: The Terminal”

  1. I usually like Tom Hanks movies but he did one other one that’s truly interminable–much much worse than this one–and that’s the one in which he’s stranded on an island and becomes obsessed with a coconut. Already you can tell…..

  2. Yeah, I was laughing as Wilsons head was floating away. Everybody around me was astounded at the giggle, but I couldn’t help myself!


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