Movie: Spider-Man 2


These movies are really good at taking me back to my childhood, when I sat enraptured by any cheesy Spider-man cartoon that came on the tube. I didn’t miss a single episode of the TV mini-series. Stan Lee has remained at the helm all this time, keeping it true to the original comic book story and concept. I’ve tired a little of the story after all these years, but the execution of it has come so far that I can’t help having fun with it. The best thing about this incarnation is the emphasis on the fact that Peter Parker is just a kid, figuring things out, failing, and making stupid decisions just like we’ve all done.


Update from Mom – Super Dylan at four.

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  1. I fell in love with the guy who plays Peter Parker when he played with Michael Caine in Cider House Rules. There was something soft and appealing about him, well foiled by Caine’s harder edges and accent. I thought him a genius choice for Spiderman. But I’m a late Spiderman fan. You, however, were also an early Superman fan, and I have pictures to prove it. I’d put one one here but I don’t think it takes jpgs!

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