Ski Up Chief Mountain



Once again we head up Squaw Pass road to explore the ski trails near Evergreen. It’s a foggy, cold day, and we don’t expect much. We stop at small pullout by the road. Ann checks out the trail and gives it “snowshoes up”. After an hour and half of pretty, groomed trail, Ann turns around to get a head start back to the car. Dad and I continue and, to our delight, we find the trail up to the summit of Chief Mountain (11,790 ft) skiable. Rising up above timberline we get a magical view of peaks poking up through a sea of clouds, from Mt. Evans to Longs Peaks. The route I took on one of my favorite days on the Continental Divide Trail last summer is visible from Mt. Flora to James Peak. Ann was a little jealous, but she’ll know next time.

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