Ruffwear Booties at Echo Lake


We head up to Echo Lake after an early breakfast for an exploratory cross-country ski. We also try a solution for Jezze’s icy foot problem, Ruffwear dog booties. She tolerates them once they’re on, if we yell at her when she bites them, but as soon as she rockets up the trail they’re left on the hillside. Oh well, strike two. She does better today on the well-packed trail. Ann does well also on her first x-country ski going up, but the icy, narrow, tree-lined trail is no good for learning how to get down on the spindly-feeling boards. She walks, resolving to practice in an more open space before our next trip. Dad and I poke around Echo Lake a little, climb a steep, powdery hill to the Mt. Evans road, and descend the crust back to the parking lot, which is now packed and crazy. We conclude that this is a spot to hit early on a fresh snow day.


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