Movie: Frida


This is one of the better artist portrait films I’ve seen. It incorporates her accident, physical problems, lovers, husband, politics, and especially her art into a very real-feeling world. Ann has read a book about Frida, and from what she’s told me the movie is fairly accurate, but a little romanticized. No matter, it’s an enriching experience.

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  1. I loved this movie. What a spirited woman Frida was! And I saw the actress who played her, whose name I forget but whose performance I won’t, interviewed on Actor’s Studio. She advised the acting students to “embrace adversity as your greatest teacher.” Whether she learned this from playing Frida or from her own life, I found it good advice.

  2. The actress is Selma Hayek. Before this film she was often dismissed as just another sexy soap opera actress, but she was the first Latin actress ever to be nominated for an Oscar for this role.

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