Movie: City of God


A harsh look at the brutal life of children in the City of God, the slums outside of Rio De Janero. This is one of those movies, like the The Killing Fields, that explores the role of journalism in showing us truths that we would rather ignore. It too is based on a true story. Despite its slick presentation, the movie manages not to glorify the violence that permeates it. It’s a story of kids and guns at heart, and it captures truths that probably hold as well in L.A. and Denver as they do in South America. It’s not an easy movie to watch, but worthwhile and incredibly effective.

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  1. Yes, it is hard to watch. The worst was when the mass of children open fire on the dude. Sad. It’s just incredible what happens as the story progresses. Dennis & I were both impressed by this movie.
    It was recommended to me by an odd fella Bob who used to give me candy when I sent a boulder problem. So finally after 2 years, I rented it!

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