Movie: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid


A movie relic of the eighties, composed of film-noir relics of the forties that are in turn inspired by detective novel relics of the twenties. Probably in the sixties they figured the genre was over with at last and maybe everyone would drop out and forget about it. But there’s just too much there to make fun of – the smoky rooms, the wide-eyed dames, the convoluted plot-lines, and let’s not forget the ga-ga, full-orchestra, indistinguishable sound tracks! Everything gets a shot, in the juvenile 80’s comedy style launched into glory by The Jerk and Airplane. Put on some pajamas and pour yourself a Swedish coffee, here it comes!

8 responses to “Movie: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

  1. ah! i love this movie.
    he keeps getting shot in the same wound… she sux the bullet out. the alcohol in the wound.. when he’s fixing his ‘famous java’ and he just keeps pouuuuuuuuuuuuuring that coffee. it’s hilarious.
    what about when he forks around in the soup and pulls that broach out! oh man… good stuff.

  2. One thing I didn’t mention – we watched this w/ Ann’s mom! This made some of the gags seem stupid and some funnier, depending on her reaction. A few things really cracked her up – unfortunately I have no memory for jokes & gags….

  3. ehhhhhhhhhhhhh… yes, there are some moments in MOST movies you don’t wanna watch with ‘parent’.
    if you drink enough, you could watch Pulp Fiction with Mother Theresa and not worry about it. so, i recommend drinking “enough” in that situation.

  4. btw, i went to check the site this morning (at home) and it crashed my browser… which, with Microsoft, means you crash your system. the computer wouldn’t even shutdown. had to unplug it.

  5. Sorry. Thanks for letting me know. The only thing I can think of that might cause problems is the code I use to set a cookie. Maybe I just shouldn’t do that.

    Can you give me your browser version?

  6. i will when i get home.
    i get 2 different security warnings when i get on it at home. it basically jams up on the 2nd one when i hit ok.
    it started doing this on monday or tuesday. before that, i had had a problem only one time… quite a while back. then nothing.
    now it’s doing it again.
    work is fine.

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