Movie: Fresh


One of my favorite movies. Fresh is a smart kid in the Chicago projects who is wrapped up in the drug trade. His relationship with his wino father, and eventually his survival, are expressed in his developing chess skills. With first-rate acting, writing, soundtrack by Stewart Copeland, and many places I remember well in Chicago, it gets me every time.


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  1. Fresh is actually not set in Chicago, its set in New York. There is a scene where Fresh is sitting on the train tracks looking over the river at Manhattan.

  2. Damn! I even watched it with my wife, who lived in Brooklyn, and she didn’t catch it. The
    things that got me were the elevated train shots that look like Jackson Ave, and some of the
    park chess boards like those on the lakefront. I guess it goes to show that we see what we
    are familiar with. Wow.

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