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Ann has been holding this movie over my head for months, saying it would be a test of my ability to reconcile my masculinity with our marriage. I was dreading it. So when it finally arrives I propose getting it over with quickly, like pulling climbing tape off when it’s stuck to your armhair. As it turns out, the movie isn’t quite what Ann remembers from sixth grade. The adults in the movie spend most of their camera time getting ripped. The boyfriend is a jerk and seems destined for a life of dumpster diving. The dad aspires to pulling his own plow on the farm to develop his mule-like stubbornness. The trainer seems to enjoy cracking down on little girls more than skating. It’s sort of a modern-day Dickens story. I ended up enjoying it, both the movie and Ann’s re-experience of it. Ok, so there were some warm fuzzies too, but I couldn’t tell if that was coming from the movie or from us.

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  1. ok……………………. i s’pose i better own up to this one.

    first, this movie is in someway connected to Christianity ‘cuz when i was growing up, it was hella watched by all the church folk.
    YES, i saw it. it is a deplorable movie. i remember very little.. septin’ that she went blind or sumpin’ on the rink after hitten hella electrical booom boxes ‘n shite.
    .. i wish the ice had been wetter and she made better “contact”.. sorry.

  2. Yes, she goes mostly blind and can’t recover by herself, until she places herself in the hands of her boyfriend who takes his anger at being rejected out on her by bullying her into overcoming her blindness. I guess some would see it as a Christian theme. So is the movie deplorable because of its Christian link for you or despite it?

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    here is what is deplorable to me.
    ALL the girls watched this like a 1,000 times. My parents were a very integral outgoing part of the church community.. alwayz hosting functions or being chaparones on trips and so forth.
    i had 2 older sisters. it just seems like the movie got way overwatched. and all the girls would get all teary eyed and stuff over it. ugh.. bad memories.
    i’d just be in my room playing Star Wars figures and wishing all these people would go do something else. it’s the entire association with the movie, not really the movie itself (which i barely remember, save for the girl crashing into something electrical while scatting and losing her eyesight).

    another good one was “The Other Side of The Mountain”, where a bad a$$ girl skiier goes flying off the mountain. it sukked.

    there’s a bunch of others that got re-run like hell in the SDA circle. i’d like put them in a pile and burn them. yep. just like they were Ozzie albums.

  4. Seventh Day Adventist.

    the whole ice skating thing has me down. hard to figure out why.

    unpleasant childhood experiences? hmmmmmm… puking on the Tea Cups on Disneyland. the whole “spinning extremely fast” thing i just never got into.

  5. I saw the movie again, and as a child i thought its was really great, but now it reminds me of a abusive love story, you how somebody really loves you deep down inside, but you will never know that because they are to stubborn to show how much they do, for example my father!

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