Wildrose Peak


It is one of those mornings when Ann and I both want to do the same thing, then proceed to frustrate each other’s attempts to do it. The proposal is to drive to Wildrose Canyon and hike up Wildrose Peak. It’s Ann’s idea, but she doesn’t want to be pressured to do it. I like the idea, but my enthusiasm is perceived as pressure, which Ann resists. Somehow we muddle through all this and are setting up a campsite in the Thorndike campground by noon. I then have the bright idea to walk to the trailhead instead of driving, which turns out to be an extra mile of steep hill. So we start up the trail late, under cloudy skies. It’s quiet and still, and soon there are occasional snowflakes in the air. At sunset we still haven’t made the summit, and we turn around. We would have made it without the extra mile, but the walking conditions are wonderful and we don’t dwell on it. It’s very wet and snowy by the time we return to camp. We have Pad Thai and beer for dinner, then crawl into the tent with hot chocolate and cookies for a long wintery night.

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