Book: Soul of Nowhere / Craig Childs


I know living in the desert has changed me, but it’s difficult to express how. This book goes there and describes the spell, always hinting at the ineffable. It expands my feeling of desert rock and landscapes to include thoughts of those who experienced the same land long ago. It fuels my desire to go exploring these seemingly inhospitable places I live in the midst of, and contemplate the people who once chose to inhabit them anyway.

6 responses to “Book: Soul of Nowhere / Craig Childs”

  1. hermits are most intriguing. i mean, how scary. the blankness of the desert and the absence of other people. weird.

    sounds like a book i might like to read. oh, that’s right, i don’t like to read.

  2. someone: “What’s your name?”
    me: “Name”
    someone: “Yes, what is your name.”
    me: “It’s Name.”
    someone: “Not it’s name, your name.”
    me: “That’s correct. Name.”
    someone: “Fuck you.”

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