Movie: Requiem for a Dream


The definitive movie about addiction in modern life. Very artfully done, so much so that it’s almost as hard to face this movie as it is to face our own addictions. Ann & I found some recovery time necessary afterwards, with some quiet time outside and soothing music (all but the men in white coats).

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  1. addiction to what? canned dog food…. emmmm dog food.
    seriously, what addiction(s) was this about.

    i rented “Auto Focus” this weekend.
    it’s a story about Bob Crane (aka, Colonel Hogan of “Hogan’s Heroes”) Hollywood ‘life’.
    I had some interest in this ‘cuz I alwayz liked ANTHING dealing with WWII as a kid, but my MOM wouldn’t let me watch the show as it “Made light” of a bad situation (and certianly it did… though i have watched it many times since my childhood and like IT).
    I don’t think that was the real reason she didn’t want me watching it. Bob Crane had a dark side; an addiction to sex/pornography that was known, then well known after he was murdered.
    aaaaaaaaah, gave that away.
    “Auto Focus” follows Bob Crane (can’t think of the actors name) from just before his debut in “Hogan’s Heroes” until his bludgeoning via a tripod.
    Willem DeFoe plays his “friend” and ALL implications lead to his “friend” being his killer, though he was NOT convicted and died several years later = case unsolved.

    i think the closes i ever came, or did come was with surfing.
    looking at / watching pics and videos of others, as well as pics and videos of myself.. doing everyday, sometimes several times a day. doing obsesively. doing it when i didn’t even want to. doing when the “thrill was gone”… yeah, i was addicted. it ruined many friendships… oh yeah, Bob Crane.
    well, he did all that. pics, movies,… he did ALL of that. he lived a sexually corrupt lifestyle, ruined 2 marriages (both with kids), ruined his career beyond belief and got his skull knocked open.


  2. diet pills /= food
    pot = food
    cocaine = cosmetics

    so i rode ‘from 5-9 last night. i was in the park with the locals high schoolers (barf).
    then this one dude rode up and they were like “He’s the best guy in town. He won’t talk… and if he does, he’ll talk shit.”
    i was like “He better not talk shit to me.”
    oh man.. this dude was GOOOOOOD. 360’s outta the bowl, etc.. good shite. this other kid was bustin’ 180’s off the top park rim on his skateboard. had to be 10′ in the air.
    we gotta go down there and get pics/vid sometime. i brought it up and they were all stoked on the idea.

    aaaaaaaaaaaah, fukklling high schoolers. lame, but funny.
    you just gotta hear how they talk sometime, it’s so damn comedic.

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