buffer_jdirty (bh)

Assertion failure in 
journal_commit_transaction() at commit.c:535: "buffer_jdirty 

Came in to find this message on our trusty dual-processor database server this morning. It’s on RedHat’s errata page, the first fix for 7.3, a problem with the Symmetric Multiprocessor Kernel. The annoying thing is that the kernel with just that fix is no longer available, they want me to go to a kernel that requires lots of other updates in addition. It might be easier just to upgrade to RedHat 8, but I’ll try first to find a less demanding fix…

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  1. I am working with REd Hat 7.3 in a cluster .Today, may system doesn´t work and the message appear on my computer:

    message from syskigd@admi at Tue Dec 9 07:14;21 2003…
    adm kernel: assertion failure in journal_commit _transaction () at commit.c:535: “buffer_jdirty (bh)”

    I don´t know much about Linux. And I don´t konw what I can do to solve this problem. Anybody help me?

  2. I just upgraded to RedHat 8, and never had the problem again. Other choices might be to upgrade just the kernel, which probably involves upgrading a lot of other packages too, or booting the single processor kernel. Otherwise your system will experience a crash like this now and then – I got one every 2 or 3 months.

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